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I’m a Southern California native with a serious passion for art and biology.  I often venture outdoors with the intent of self educating and learning more about my surroundings whether through walking, field sketching, or birding.  This fervent desire and drive to learn plays a prominent role in the development of my illustrations and animations, as I seek to educate others about nature and science.  I often use humor in my artwork as a communicative tool to stimulate the public’s interest in biological subjects that have sparked my own curiosity.  When I’m not engaged in purely scientific topics, my artwork receives a lot of inspiration from sci-fi, fantasy, horror, games, and music.  This comes out in some of my animal related work as well as my ongoing series of gnome drawings.  

  • 2021 - Illustrating Nature,, virtual

  • 2021 and 2022- GNSI Juried Members Exhibition,, virtual

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About_page_titles copy.png

Member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators


  • B.S. in Animal Biology, UC Davis


  • Science Illustration Graduate Program, Cal State Monterey Bay


Publications as Author

2020- Host Population Expansion and the Genetic Architecture of the Pinniped Hookworm Uncinaria Lucasi, Journal of Parasitology

Publications as Illustrator

2022- Fur or food?  Native American use of sea otters (Enhydra lutris) on the Oregon coast prior to European contact and extirpation, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports

2022- A New Species of Sarapogon Loew, 1847 (Diptera, Asilidae) from Arizona, with a Review of the Neurotic Species North of Mexico, ZooKeys

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